Travel Schlepp and ... Travel

Because Karl travels a lot for his work, I travel a lot.  Mostly I ride in Karl's camera or computer bag and keep them from getting bounced around too hard.  But sometimes there is extra room on the plane or train or boat and I get a seat all to myself.  But don't think travel is all fun--its tiring and sometime can even be dangerous
I travel in airplanes a lot.  The best thing about traveling is flying first class.  You have a big seat and nice people take care of you.  This picture shows me on an Air France plane from Paris to Vienna. 
Sometimes I travel on boats.  This "Mahogany" in Venice took us to the island of Murano.  Can you find me in the picture?
Once I got to ride on a camel.  The pyramids of Egypt are in the background. 
In Amsterdam I traveled on canal boats.  There are actually more canals in Amsterdam than in Venice.
Here I am on the Yarmouth Ferry in England going to the Isle of Wight.  Later that day I met Wee Willie
This is the Danube River in Vienna, Austria.  Debbie, Karl, and I were on a peddle boat. 
At Bicton Gardens in England, I was on a small train. 
In Vienna I often ride on the subway, trolleys, or buses.  In German a trolley or streetcar is called a strassenbahn.  Here my friend Walter, the Christmas Wreath bear, is riding with me.
Sometimes I even travel on horseback (sort of).  This was in Paris.
In Europe trains are very nice.  Its easy to get in one and go.  Here I am leaving the Vienna station and going to Budapest