Travel Schlepp in Holland

 Holland is a little confusing.  The language and the people are Dutch.  The country's real name is The Netherlands.  Its not simple like England where English people speak the English language. 

Karl and Debbie went there to talk to people at the OPCW.  That stands for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.  The OPCW headquarters is in a city called The Hague but the Dutch say Den Haag

You get to The Hague by flying to Amsterdam and taking a train. 

Our hotel is in the background as night falls.  In the summer Amsterdam is so far north that the sun sets after 10:00.  There are lots of boats in Amsterdam and I got to sail on some of them.
Here I am in the rafters of Rembradt's house.  He was a famous Dutch artist and his house was really interesting.  We also saw the Van Gogh Museum and the Reichs Museum with all their famous paintings.
Here Caro helps me look out the window of a canal boat.  Because of all the canals, there are lots of bridges.  For another look at a canal boat, look here.
When we were done with work at the OPCW, Debbie went home.  But first everybody got a big hug.  Then Caro, Karl, and I went on to England.