Travel Schlepp 

     Oh, excuse me!  I haven't introduced myself.  My name is Schlepp, Travel Schlepp.  I'm a bear. 
     I have an older, larger brother who is a Schlepp and he, of course, goes by Big Schlepp and that, technically, makes me Little Schlepp.  But most bears and people call me Travel 
Schlepp or sometimes just TS.  I’ll admit that Travel is an odd first name but then, its what I do
     Let me explain.  Read the story of how I ended up in Albuquerque with a job that takes me all over the world. 
     I'm an American bear and you can learn a lot about me, my friends, and my adventures right here under the United States flag.

     Now its July 2003 and I've been travelling more than ever this year:  six trips to Vienna, one to Oregon, and one to Seattle and then Canada.  

     Last September Big Schlepp and I had a truly fabulous adventure--we got to go back home and visit the Bears' Cookie Den in Oregon!

     With the terrible disaster at the World Trade Center, we've taken concrete steps to make the US safer.  Click here to read about the Bears Home Front Brigade

     Sometimes its necessary to use code names.  Try this spreadsheet to see what your code name is. 

     Check out the SchleppCam here.  Photos update often, so come back and see what TS is doing. 

      Just this spring Schlepp got to go to Washington, DC.  Because there was so much work to do, he didn't have very much time to sightsee.  Even so, one afternoon he had an hour to go into the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.  Read his story and see his pictures here but be sure to also visit the Smithsonian's website to see their pictures and learn more about aviation, flight, and space travel. 

     In June Schepp got a vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Learn all about New Mexico here.  And in October Shlepp went to Chaco Canyon, a National Cultural Park far out in the New Mexican desert.