A Visit into the Past

Its October and starting to get cold as fall comes to the Southwest.  Even so, there's time for one little adventure before the snows come. 

    Several hours from Albuquerque there is a place where high mesas are cut by long canyons.  Its a long trip and at the end, the road is very rough.  But there is a campground and its there that we went in late October.  

    Many centuries ago the Native Americans, called the Anasazi, lived here.  They built large towns that had special walls that lined up with the sun and the moon.  The walls were made of beautiful layers of stone carefully fitted together.  They had huge round ceremonial places called great kivas.  It must have been a marvelous place. 

    Then about a thousand years ago, for some reason, all the people left.  Now all that is left are the mysterious ruins and echoes from that once great civilization. 

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Here I am on the edge of a great kiva at Chaco Canyon.  Even though it was cloudy and windy, the haunting beauty of the place could be seen.