Bears Home Front Brigade 

 Little Schlepp didn't like watching buildings burn and people getting hurt while he was far, far away from home.  So first thing when he got back to Albuquerque, he wanted to help.  And the way to do that was to organize the "Bears Home Front Brigade." 
     Their job is to keep an eye out for terrorists and dangerous things.  Then they can use their secret bear communication system to alert all the other bears in the Brigade.  That means that a house or building protected by the Bears Home Front Brigade has lots and lots of bears protecting it. 
     Its a very difficult and dangerous times with big buildings getting attacked, planes being hijacked, and anthrax in the mail.  Its important to know that the Bears Home Front Brigade is out there keeping a vigilant watch to keep our neighborhoods safe.  Children everywhere can sleep better because their bears are looking out for them.

Setting up the Home Front Brigade wasn't as easy as you might think.  Of course, Big Brown Bear always guarded the house, so he was automatically part of the Battalion.  And Gussie's bear was pretty big, so she was included.  The BBC told how Britain was helping, so William was in as well.  And Little Brown Bear was definitely a bear in good standing and almost as big as Big Schlepp.
     But then Roberta said, "What about me?  I want to help." 
     At first Travel Schlepp thought she couldn't be in the Brigade because she was a rabbit, not a bear, her ears were too long, and she was from China.  But Big Schlepp reminded Little Schlepp that she was part of  the family, too, and that just because she was different didn't mean she couldn't be part of the Brigade.
     And then Peabody, the pink elephant said, "What about me?  Can I be in the Brigade?"
     Little Schlepp thought about that and said, "Peabody, your history is a mystery and you're not a bear either.  I don't think you can be in the Brigade."
     But Big Schlepp was wise and reminded everyone that just because he was different didn't mean he couldn't be part of the Brigade.  And everyone thought about this and knew that Big Schlepp was right. 

So everyone was happy and Little Schlepp learned an important leason--that just because you look different or come from some place else doesn't mean you're not a good friend. 

You can join the Bears Home Front Brigade, too.  Send an e-mail to the webmaster ( and tell us what bears or other animals you have and what city they are helping to protect.  If you can send a digital photograph, we'll add it below.

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The Bears Home Front Battalion poses for a group photo. 

Here are Walter (with the red scarf), the eight Christmas bears, and the eight Easter rabbits, who were on patrol at the time.

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