A Schlepp Homecoming

     Caro's birthday is in September and this year she wanted to see her favorite place, the Oregon coast.  Big Schlepp and I got to go along and we had a fabulous time back where we grew up.   This is the Bears' Cookie Den, where Caro met Big Schlepp and I met Karl. 

Inside we got to visit our old shelf and talk to all the other bears.  Its been four years since we left and most of our old friends have found new homes.  But we had a great time telling all the youngsters about our adventures and how great it is when you find that perfect home. 

We got to try some of the Cookie Den's cookies and their famous hot chocolate.  It was a good thing, too, because it was cold and rainy outside. 

This is Great Big Bear and he guards the Cookie Den.  We talked to him and we reminisced about cloudy, rainy days in Oregon. 

Later in the trip, Paul McGoey and Karl went out to "insult some invertebrates."  That means they went looking at tide pools in the cold wind and rain.  While those fools got sloshed down at the oceanside, I picked blackberries for Big Schlepp.

The weather wasn't always bad.  This is me relaxing on a landing of the stairs down from the hotel in Newport.  You can see for miles along the coast to a point with the Yaquits lighthouse. 

One time we drove north and stopped at a cape with a view back towards the other side of Yaquits.  I can hardly remember the ocean being so calm. 

     Those are the highlights of our trip to Oregon.  Its a very beautiful place but very different from New Mexico.