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Chapter the Third -- Section 18

Louie, Schlepp, the alien captain, and the three pilots were hunkered down under a rear seat of the crosstown bus.  Critters passed themselves off as inanimate toys, but no telling what a human would do if confronted with a 6” tall alien. 

The crosstown slowed to a stop and Louie clambered up to a vantage point. 

“Time to get off, guys,” he said. 

Schlepp waved the aliens towards the rear door as soon as the human traffic was gone.  They all hopped off the bus and to Louie and Schlepp’s surprise the aliens took off running toward the #12 bus stop. 

“How’d they know which way to go?” asked Louie. 

“Beats me,” answered Schlepp.  “I can barely understand how they talk, let alone how they thi… wha?  Where’d they go?” 

Louie and Schlepp abruptly stopped.  The aliens were nowhere to be seen.  They stood forlornly in the middle of the road, looking all about for the four aliens who had suddenly gotten away.  

Continue following Travel Schlepp and Louie... but first be sure you're up to date about what's been happening with Big Brown Bear's patrol and back at home base.