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Chapter the Third -- Section 6

The Beautiful Roberta, Frannie Annie, and Wabbit had been talking to the alien for hours.  Herr Professor Bear and Lightfeather, despairing of easily figuring out where in a hummingbird’s soul Unobtainium might be stored, had joined them for a break from analyzing soul chemistry.  Nani Pei, the Hawaiian bear, had just brought them five cups of hot chocolate.  The alien was trying hard to imitate the bears but its pseudopods never worked exactly like bear paws and its cephalum wasn’t shaped right to get the cup to his mouth.  Nani Pei finally got it a straw and that seemed to solve the immediate problem. 

“Yumm, nice,” complimented the alien after it had sampled the cocoa. 

Roberta glanced at Herr Professor and said, “I think it beginning to understand ‘nice’.”

Wabbit explained how the two Schlepps came from the Bear’s Cookie Den – a bakery that was renowned for its hot chocolate.  On cold, windy winter days in Albuquerque, the Schlepps would often sip their favorite beverage and reminisce about growing up in tiny Seal Rock, Oregon

Frannie Aunie looked up from her mug with an enlightened expression and exclaimed, “I think I know what’s going on!”  Turning to the alien, “Tell me again how you make Unobtainium on your planet.” 

“First, take lion with sales.  Put in wind take, whole ‘E’.  Drum turn always.  Clock wise ring bell door.  Gee!” he patiently explained. 

Roberta’s puzzled look suddenly vanished, “Ah so!  First, take line with sails and put in wind.  Then take holy drum and turn it always clockwise. Ring a doorbell. Gee.” she interpreted.  “But what it mean?”

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