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Chapter the Third -- Section 5

Travel Schlepp and Louie once more looked from their hiding place in the sage brush across the parking lot from CENT.  Somewhere in that modern glassy building the two humans were holding the alien captain prisoner. 

“Too bad Terrance isn’t here.  We could use the ol’ doorstop trick to get inside again,” commented Schlepp. 

“Sure’s got lot’s a windows,” observed Louie.  “Maybe I should climb up a tad and look ‘round?”

“Good idea,” agreed Schlepp.  “I’ll keep watch.” 

They skirted the parking lot, keeping to the bushes, and crept up to the south side of the building.  Schlepp took up position at the corner where he could watch the guard through the big glassy front doors.  Louie easily scrambled up a downspout to the roof and started his explorations. 

Most of the windows just peered down into darkened laboratories with mysterious equipment.  The two humans were nowhere to be seen, even in the lab where the hummingbirds had been kept.  The hole where he and Newport had blasted through the wall was still there, covered with a piece of plywood.  The hummingbird cage was still empty, but now that he looked closely, there was another covered object the same size on the other side of the room. 

“Hmm??” thought Louie, “That shore is ’spicious.  I’d better be gittin’ back to Schlepp.  We’s got some carpentry to do.”

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