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Chapter the Third -- Section 8

“All’s we need ta do is pry loose that plywood,” said Louie, “an’ then we’s inside.  We never be gittin’ ‘nother chance like this.”

“We’ll need a rope—that hole is a good 15 feet off the ground and maybe five feet from the rooftop” observed Schlepp. 

“Back home, Mandie and her friends used ta make chains outta clover, but that won’t help.” 

“Around here the Native Americans would make rope out of twisted yucca or sage brush fibers.” 

They both turned around and looked back toward the bus stop.  Nothing but sage brush, acres and acres of sage brush.  With a nod they took off. 

“I’ll peel strips; you start twistin’,” volunteered Louie.

“Its gonna be a looong night.” 

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