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Chapter the Third -- Section 19

The Unobtainium research had just been set aside while the erstwhile scientists took a tea break, when Terrance and Fez ambled in. 

“Hi, fellas,” announced Terrance. 

“You back!” rejoined the beautiful Roberta happily.  “What took so long?” 

“We stopped along the way to pick up some hitchhikers,” answered Fez just as Schlepp, Louie, Zeb, Big Brown Bear, Gussie’s Bear, Wee Willie, and Blue Man Bear came into view around the corner. 

“Captain mother.  Ship?” inquired the alien. 

“Better,” smiled Schlepp, “we got both… or rather, all five.” 

That’s when the four aliens came round the corner.  Number four ecstatically greeted his shipmates.  The five of them all gathered together and briefly danced a funny little circle dance before they settled down to high-pitched nattering. 

“What you mean ‘five’?” asked Roberta.

“We got the mothership, too,” finished Gussie’s Bear. 

“Just couldn’t lift it onto a bus after we got off the Rail Runner, so we were kinda stuck,” continued Big Brown Bear.  “As soon as the aliens saw their ship, they hopped right in.” 

“Scared us to death, too,” added Schlepp.  “Thought we’d lost the bunch of them.” 

“But they knew how to get enough oomph out of their fuel cells to bounce their ship a foot or so,” said Blue Man Bear, “and we managed to get on board a #12 bus.” 

“Then it was just a matter of rolling back home,” finished Willie.