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Chapter the Fourth -- Section 1

A week later and indeed Karl did find an irresistible prayer wheel in Santa Fe at Jackalopes.  It soon had pride of place on the coffee table in the den, easily accessible to the critters when they needed to work on their Unobtainium research.  The hummingbirds came in from their East Mountain sanctuary and added hundreds of millifoobars worth of karma to the process.  With the addition of a couple more prayer flags from La Monanita Co-op up the street, Herr Professor Bear’s work began to yield a fair amount of the precious Unobtainium. 

Meanwhile, the smaller bears and critters helped the aliens with the repairs to their mothership.  MacBear and some of the Viennese Christmas ornament bears were particularly well suited to working within the tight confines of the Unobtainium ducts and tubes that feed the mysterious interstellar engines, which powered the craft.  Luckily, the alien captain showed them all how to safely handle the material and easily decontaminate after working with the strange other-worldly substance.  Louie was so very happy to learn that no more decontamination baths were needed. 

Roberta, Frannie Annie, and Wabbit quickly gained fluency with the aliens’ strange language with its homonyms and odd punctuation.  Gradually they began to unravel the strange story of how the aliens got into such a mess. 

Travel Schlepp:  Why did you come to Earth?

Roberta:  Y did.  U come, too.  Earth!

Alien Pilot #4:  Fifty.  Won first mother.  Ship two.  Earth Carrie!  Ink piece.  Beads two.  Neutralize new clear.  Weapons crashed?  Near Roswell. 

Roberta:  1951.  First mothership to Earth carrying Peace Beads to neutralize nuclear weapons crashed near Roswell. 

Travel Schlepp:  Wow!  You guys tried to end nuclear proliferation way back in 1951?

Roberta:  Wow u guise tried?  Two end new.  Clear!  Proliferation way.  Back in Fifty won. 

Alien Pilot #4:  New clear ill.  Eagle in en.  Tire galaxy!  Earth only.  Won with danger must.  Stop

Roberta:  Nuclear—illegal in entire galaxy.  Earth only one with the danger.  Must stop. 

Travel Schlepp:  Holy cow!  It’s that serious?  Nuclear weapons have to go? 

Roberta:  Whole E.  Cow its that.  Cirrus new.  Clear weapons have, too.  Go! 

Alien Pilot #4:  Thyme port all show, destruction of en.  Tire gal.  Ax ‘E’ if weapons; Arrr!  Knot ‘D’ stroy, Ed? 

Roberta:  Time portal show destruction of entire galaxy if weapons are not destroyed. 

Travel Schlepp:  What’s a “time portal?”