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Chapter the Third -- Section 17

Zeb and Fez hopped off the #12 down at the City Transfer Station and started to gallop across the street to the Rail Runner station. 

“Whoa, big fellas!” came the voice of Big Brown Bear.  “Over here!”

Zeb and Fez looked around for the big guy but saw nothing.  All there was was an old tire lying beside the bus stop. 

Suddenly Blue Man Bear popped up out of the center of the tire.  “You’re here just in time… we’ll need all the help we can muster to lift this thing onto the bus.  We were about to send Willie to get help.” 

Just then a bus turned into the Transfer Center.  “Quick, hop in here!” cried Blue Man Bear.  The two quadrupeds need no urging and leaped handily into the mothership.