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Chapter the Third -- Section 3

“All right, Critters,” said Big Schlepp in his deep bear voice, “we’ve got a complex problem here, so listen up.” 

The hubbub of many voices died down and the gathered Home Front Brigade gave Big Schlepp their full attention. 

“Thanks to Herr Professor Bear, the beautiful Roberta, and Frannie Annie, we’ve learned that there’s a downed alien mothership near Bernalillo.  We also know that the humans at CENT are holding our alien’s captain captive until the alien catches enough hummingbirds for them to manufacture their own Unobtainium?”

Big Schlepp continued, “That leaves us with several tasks:  retrieve the mothership, set the alien captain free, and find out what these humans are doing with Unobtainium and alien space technology.  Most importantly, we need to learn about hummingbird souls and their relationship to Unobtainium.” 

“Now the rabbits have had the best luck communicating with the alien—they have a knack for understanding homonyms.  You two plus Wabbit stay with the alien and learn whatever you can.”

“As for the mothership, the alien describes it as mired in mud in a field west of the Range Café.  That means digging and heavy lifting.  Big Brown Bear and Terrance, you two gather a team and head up there.  All we have is these five Railrunner passes, so plan accordingly.”

“Herr Professor Bear will work with Lightfeather on the Unobtainium problem.  Little Schlepp and Louie will make another trip to CENT and reconnoiter for a future rescue attempt.” 

“Any questions?” 

There was a long silent pause. 


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