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Chapter the Fourth -- Section 3

When everyone was finally rested, up and about, Little Schlepp told Big Schlepp all that he’d learned:    the threat of nuclear weapons, the crash of the original mothership, Roswell, peace beads, Area 51, TA-31, and the galactic ban on nuclear arms.  It was clear that something had to be done, but what?  How could a few small critters track down these elusive peace beads when they could be anywhere across the entire Southwest? 

It was time for more information—back to Number Four.  What did these beads look like?  How did they work?  How could they be located? 

Both Schlepps headed over to the Unobtainium Laboratory on the side porch.  There they found a Herr Professor looking up into the sky. 

“Sie nehmen… they are taking a test flug… flight,” he indicated. 

“Are you sure that’s safe?” replied Big Schlepp.

“Ach, ja!  Die ground tests waren ganz gut… entirely good.  Der mothership ist sehr schnell… very fast.”

“Where are they?” asked Travel Schlepp. 

“Ich glaube… I think they traveled east.” 

“How long have they been gone?” Big Schlepp asked. 

“Vielich zwanzig minuten… perhaps 20 minutes.” 

It was then that they heard what was now the unmistakable hum of the approaching space pod.  Number Four’s ship zipped into view and quickly, quietly settled to earth. 

As their alien friend stepped out, Schlepp burst out with the obvious question, “Where’s the mothership?” 

“Thyme two go.  Home andel otherz a!  Bout bares knead, too be.  Ring bee ‘D’ low Kay eight.  Or.” 

Herr Professor Bear and the two Schlepps scratched their furry heads in confusion. 

“Where’s Roberta?” asked Big Schlepp.

“I’ll get her,” volunteered TS and off he went. 

After some time with no better luck about learning what the aliens planned to do, the door opened and Roberta hopped out into the lab with Schlepp scurrying behind. 

“Thyme two go.  Home andel otherz a!  Bout bares knead, too be.  Ring bee ‘D’ low Kay eight.  Or,” repeated Number Four, his three eyes looking a little frustrated with the entire translation process. 

“Ah, so!” remarked Roberta. “Time to go home and tell others about bears.  Need to bring bead-locator.” 

“Yep, that’s what we need—a bead locator.  Then we can find those Peace Beads in no time,” chortled Little Schlepp. 

Number Four, whose English was better than their Alien-speak, answered, “Low Kay tore only have too my.  El Range.” 

“Oh, dear,” said Roberta, “he says the locator only has a two-mile range.” 

“Ach, wir mussen… we must the search narrow down,” concluded Herr Professor. 

“The bare brig.  Aid must find Jen, er, All air, ee, ah…” 

Roberta quickly translated, “The Bear Brigade must find the general area!” 

“But what about you?  Can’t you help?” asked TS.

“Knead home plan.  Et for new?  Trition canned stay on Earth two man.  Ee daze or.  Get sick.” 

“Need home planet for nutrition.  Can’t stay on Earth too many days or get sick.” 

“Hoo boy, we’re gonna have to find the Peace Bead area by ourselves,” observed Schlepp. 

“Wenn wollen sie zurüchkommen?  When will you come back?” asked Herr Professor Bear.

“Wen ‘W’ ill ‘U’ come.  Back!” asked Roberta in turn.

“Won aye.  Lien year,” responded Number Four, “per, haps to?” 

Roberta automatically translated, “One alien year, perhaps two.” 

With that Number Four ambled back into his space pod, turning to wave several pseudopods at his friends.  “By by.  Nice?”

“Wait!” exclaimed Little Schlepp.  “How long is an alien year?” 

But the door had already closed and with a soft hum the pod lifted off. 

“It doesn’t matter, TS,” comforted Big Schlepp.  “They’ll come back as soon as they can.” 

After a pause and before he could get teary-eyed, he added, “Meanwhile, we’ve got a job to do.  Assemble the Brigade.”