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Travel Schlepp is a world-roving teddy bear who has been to North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  Sometimes he travels for pleasure but most of the time he is hard at work consulting for the United Nations (UN), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and other international or US organizations.  Travel Schlepp is a Delta Platinum frequent flyer.  

Learn about where Schlepp comes from and how a teddy bear from Oregon got involved in arms control, nonproliferation, diplomacy, and international affairs.  The Bears Homefront Brigade is dedicated to values of security, safety, and freedom.  Visit Schlepp's neighborhood.  

Travel Schlepp has posted the first four chapters of his new book.  More chapters to come plus a podcast version.  Can one little bear (with the help of a bunch of other critters) save his friend, Lightfeather the hummingbird?  In the process can he save the world?  The galaxy?  

Schlepp has recreated the incredible 1924 first round-the-world flight using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.  You can, too, using these background materials.  

Lost and Found.
Lost your bear?  Found a bear?  Contact schlepp 'at' and put "Lost and Found" in the subject line plus descriptive details, time, and place.  We will post your missing or found bear on our soon-to-be-active Lost and Found pages.  Right now "Louie," a white Curious George kind of monkey has found a home with the Bears Homefront Brigade.  He was found late August of 2005 on westbound I-40 in Albuquerque on the inside (fastlane) shoulder just west of San Mateo -- in the pouring rain -- I guy could get killed rescuing lost stuffed animals!  July 2006 we stopped in the middle of westbound Menaul and picked up a very dirty white stuffed puppy with brown ears holding a red "I love you" heart.  He is now very clean and has pride of place on the bookcase in the office.

Schlepp is a Gund, Inc. teddy bear.  Travel Schlepp is number 2417 and Big Schlepp is number 2418.   Schlepp is a Mark I Schlepp Bear with coarser fur than the newer, softer Mark IIs.  See Schlepp at the at their Website.

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