Travel Schlepp Goes to England and Meets a Friend

 Willie’s First Adventure Continues

When the lady, Caroline, returned from her read, she and Master Karl spent a little time enjoying his lovely photographs of places they (and Schlepp) had visited in England.  Despite the rain, which was coming down with a vengeance, Master Karl expressed a burning desire to explore the Island they’d traveled so far to see.  So they donned rain gear, loaded camera into their small travel bags, and Master Karl removed the furry one from my side and slipped him into his travel bag, with his furry head peeking out.  Although Schlepp seemed pleased by 
the prospect of an exploration, he clearly exhibited the calm of long experience and I found myself feeling, well...somehow alone on my big bed in Room Ten. 

Before I had the opportunity to ponder this strange and rather uncomfortable sensation, I noticed that the lady, Caroline was staring at me intently.  I felt as if she could read my thoughts.  Then her expression changed to one of fierce determination.  “Karl,” she spoke rather 
suddenly, “I don’t want to leave this bear here all alone.” 

“Well,” said Master Karl, “call down to the reception desk and see if we can buy him.”  And much to my consternation, so she did.

“Ten pounds?” she echoed into the telephone. “Great, please add it to our bill.” 

She replaced the telephone with an air of triumph and before I knew it, she’d scooped me up and into a gentle hug.  “Don’t worry little Willie, I’ll take good care of you and you’ll have great fun with us.” 

So into her travel bag I went, with my face out and the bag zipped just enough to ensure that I wouldn’t tumble out.  I must say that it was surprisingly comfortable.  From his own travel bag, the furry one was cheering, “Yeah Caro!  Way to go!” as Master Karl smiled 
benevolently And out we went into the rainy day.  Once settled in  their hired car – a little red coupe, Master Karl headed out while Caroline studied a large map.  Schlepp and I occupied the back seat, both snuggly perched inside our respective travel bags.  I must admit to some excitement over the prospect of seeing parts of the I.O.W. that I’d 
never been.  As we sped along the lanes that overlooked  the sea and through various small villages, each with his 
ancient church and thatched roof cottages, I realized how big the world is and how little I’d seen of it.  (Or, at least, I thought I realized how big the world is – little did I know.) 

According to Caroline, we’d explored about one-half of the island when Master Karl turned inland, taking the direct route back to Yarmouth.  It rained steadily, but that seemed not to damper Schlepp’s appreciation of my island, which I found quite gratifying.  After parking the car, Master Karl and Caroline decided to forego The George’s elegant dining room in favor of a local pub.  Both Schlepp and I were rather pleased by this – neither of us having actually been inside an English pub before (although I’m surprised the furry one would admit to that since, to hear him brag, you’d think he’s already been everywhere and seen everything.) 

The pub was pretty busy with lot’s of noise and laughter, and, according to Caroline, served excellent local, fresh seafood.  After dinner, we walked back to The George and although it was quite windy, the rain had ceased for the moment.  Up the stairs and into my very 
own, familiar, safe Room Ten.  Once inside, however, I experienced the strangest sensation.  It was as if Room 
Ten has somehow shrunk.  It now seemed smaller and almost musty compared the fresh breeze we’d just left 
behind.  I found this very surprising and somewhat disturbing.  I suppose I’d never before analyzed Room Ten 
in relation to the rest of the I.O.W.  Now, I’m not ignorant and I always knew Room Ten wasn’t the center of the universe, but I guess, somehow, it was just that for me.

Schlepp and I spent the night snuggled together in one of Room Ten’s big comfortable chairs, covered by the 
lady, Caroline’s own silk shawl.  I slept well after so much excitement – or would have done except Schlepp does snore - just a little bit (but don’t dare tell him I told you so). 

In the morning after breakfast, Master Karl and Caroline began to pack their bags and Master Karl started carting them off to the front reception desk.  I don’t think I’d fully realized that today–this very day– I’d be leaving 
my home, maybe forever.  As soon as I had that terrifying thought, the lady, Caroline, scooped me up in arms and 
said, “Don’t worry, Willie, we’ll come back here one day for a visit and in the meantime, you’re going to see 
wonderful places and I’ll always take special care of you.” And you know what, I believed her.  I really did. 

So into the lady, Caroline’s travel bag I went, head out for a good view and off we drove in the little red coupe, leaving behind The George – the only home I’d ever known.  The furry one smacked me on my arm (an American habit no doubt) and sang out, “Yeah Willie! We’re on the road again!!” 

(Oops, I’m being much too loquacious and Caroline must go change for a business meeting this morning.  So I’ll 
stop here.  Sorry I’m taking so long telling you this story, but it’s my first story, and my first adventure, and I do so want you to experience all of the nuances and excitement I felt at the time.  As soon as Caroline has the time, I’ll tell 
you about my FIRST FERRY ride (photos of which Master Karl has already transmitted to you) and our travels toward the east, where I got to wander about in the most wondrous of CASTLES in all of England (at least that’s what Schlepp says and he’s seen a lot of castles in his travels.) 

Chapter 3 continues Willie's story.