Schlepp in Turkey

Things have changed a lot since the war on Iraq.  The work in Vienna has changed to radioactive source management.  The software is called RAIS (you don't want to know what it stands for) and the IAEA is training people how to use it.  For the first training workshop, we went to Ankara, the capital of Turkey.  

Here I am in the Akar Hotel, a very nice place.  They even let us have a big suite to stay in.

As you can see, its very roomy for a little bear (can you see me?).  And this was just the living room.  

I also had a huge bedroom.

I made new friends in Turkey.  Here are Debbie with Sibil and Rashad.  They were extremely nice to us and made sure that we were well taken care of.  Rashad took us around town in his car, shopping, and to dinner.  

We saw some beautiful gold jewelry.

I also got to go to the Museum of Anatolian Civilization.  Anatolia is the name for the eastern part of Turkey and civilization has been there for many thousands of years.  Here I am in front of a statue of two bulls as part of an altar.  

Turkish people speak a difficult language to understand.  They also use money that's hard to count with:  1,500,000 Turkish Lira equal $1.00.  Here I am with enough money to be a Turkish millionaire.