Venice 2003

The first trick was to find the hotel.  We immediately got lost in a labyrinth of alleys between the water taxi stop and the hotel.  Eventually, we found the Campo Santa Maria Formosa and from there backtracked down an obscure alley to this unremarkable door.  It led to our 4-star hotel rooms.


We took a gondola ride on Sunday.  Here I am as Stephano, the gondolier pushes off and heads toward the Rialto.


Late on a Saturday night as I'm heading in the hotel door, these four ladies see me.  They want to know what I'm doing and Karl tells them that we travel all over.  They ask "like Amelie?"  (That's the French movie with the world traveling garden gnome.)   We say yes and tell them to vist the website.  I don't know who they are but they're welcome to e-mail me.

Here is my favorite view of the weekend:  a foggy cathedral with gondolas parked in front.

And here's my favorite costume of the weekend, seen in front of the Palace in San Marco plaza.