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Chapter the Third -- Section 14

Louie easily ascended the lab bench using the drawer handles for hand and foot holds.  Once on top, he clambered over to the covered shape and lifted the shroud.  Inside to his surprise four aliens slumbered. 

Not wanting to startle them, Louie quietly put the sheet down, crept to the cage door, lifted the shroud again to reach the door, and gently slipped the latch.  In a flash the aliens sprang from their mock sleep and grabbed the door away from Louie. 

“Whoa, fellas!  I’m here to take ya to yer buddy.” 

The largest of the aliens advanced menacingly with three pincher-like pseudopods reaching out for Louie’s throat.  Then, just when he thought all was lost, the alien lowered its pinchers and back away. 

“That’s funny,” thought Louie.  “They’s got me out numbered easy.” 

“Looks like I arrived just in time,” came Schlepp’s cheery voice. 

Turning quickly, Louie saw Schlepp standing there in his most imposing and threatening 6” stuffed bear pose.  “Grrrrr!” Schlepp added for effect and in unison the aliens took another step back. 

“How’d ya get up here?” 

“Climbed the towels on the rack at the end of the bench—same as when I pushed the Unobtainium over last time.” 

“Ya might a warned me… but thanks a bunch.  

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