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Chapter the Third -- Section 12

The apparatus gave a huge spark and a bang.  Herr Professor Bear was unfazed even though the fur at the tips of his ears was smoking. 

“Ganz gut!” he exclaimed from behind a set of dials.  “Halt!  Stop!”

Lightfeather settled down to her perch, panting.  Roberta and Frannie put down the string of prayer flags that they had held stretched out between them.  Wabbit placed the Dorje in its special rack.  Nani Pei stopped ringing the Tingsha and all that could be heard was the machine slowly winding down. 

“Dieser Zeit, this time vee have generated almost funf hundert, five hundred milli-foobar.  Mit three more strings of prayer flags, we should be able to begin collecting Unobtainium.” 

“Nice,” remarked the alien from a respectful and safe distance.  It did not like the contraption’s unlikely mishmash of wires, clips, capacitors, and semiconductors. 

“Wouldn’t it be easier if we had a prayer wheel to spin?” asked Wabbit.

“Absolutely,” confirmed Herr Professor.  “Der prayer wheel ist second only to Lightfeather in generating capacity.  Ven vee get the hummervogel back from the East Mountain sanctuary and Karl buys the prayer wheel, vee vill have enough foobar capacity to resupply the mothership. 

“Speaking of mothership, where is Big Brown Bear?” asked Nani Pea. 

“Last Rail Runner from Bernalillo should have arrived downtown three hours ago,” commented the Beautiful Roberta.  “It take less than that to take bus and walk from bus stop.”  

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