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Chapter the Third -- Section 10

The inside of the mothership was like a palace.  Whereas the space pod had plenty of room with passageways leading off to storage areas, living quarters, kitchens, dining halls, and recreation areas, the mothership was like a small city.  But from the outside, it just looked like a piece of junk half buried in what was once a muddy field. 

 “No wonder those humans didn’t find the mothership—they just thought it was an old tire,” observed Blue Man Bear.

 Just then Terrance came pushing his way out of the ground, his round shell bull-dozing the dirt out of the way and his powerful front legs scraping at the last layer of soil.  “I’ve dug another tunnel right under the deepest part,” he said.  “See if it’ll move now.”

 Big Brown Bear and Gussie’s Bear gave a big shove.  Blue Man Bear and Willie pulled on a long stick that served as a lever.  The dried mud crumbled a bit and then the entire mothership cracked loose and tipped out leaving a big brown hole. 

 After catching their breath, the gang pushed the mothership upright and then rolled it along.  Big Brown Bear kept it from falling over to the left and Gussie’s Bear kept it from teetering to the right.  Blue Man Bear and Willie pushed it forward with their stick. 

From inside the mothership’s extra-dimensional space came Terrance’s voice, “Amazing, it doesn’t feel like you’re moving at all.” 

“Good thing Bernalillo is flat,” said Willie.  “We’d never be able to get this up even a tiny hill.”

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