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Dramatis Personae

Big Brown Bear

Largest of the bears.  One of three bears originally from Augusta next door.

Big Schlepp, aka “Sir”

Oldest and wisest of the bears.  First Gund bear to come to Albuquerque from Seal Rock, OR.

Blue Man Bear

A bright blue bear. 

Chilly “Chili” Bear

A polar bear from Borders


A camel of indistinct origins. 

Frannie Annie

The largest of the rabbits.  Seen in a second hand store window in Myrtle Beach, SC, but the store was closed.  Later picked up by Aunt Frances and sent to NM. 

Gussie’s Bear

A middle-sized bear that came from Augusta next door. 

Herr Professor Bear

The most knowledgeable bear, with spectacles and a brown sweater.  A primatologist who joined the Methodist Church yard sale next door in order to come study Louie

Lady Virginia, aka “Lady Jennie”

A British bear of some relation to the Royal family and distantly related to Miss Maddy. 


The hummingbird that lives in the backyard.  Hand-tamed to feed from Karl’s finger. 


A Silver Leaf Monkey from near Port Klang, Malaysia.  Two years ago, a refugee from New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward and Hurricane Katrina.  Found on the side of I-40 in Albuquerque in a driving thunderstorm. 


A MacDonald’s Happy Meal bear, found on the side of Coors Blvd while Karl was bicycling. 

Miss Madeline, aka “Miss Maddy”

An upper class bear from Charleston, SC, related to Lady Jennie through pre-Revolutionary ties. 

Nani Pea

A bright orange bear from Hawaii, sent by Goen.


A lion from Newport, Oregon.

Polar Bear aka “Pole Are Bare” to the aliens

A large white polar bear from Borders


A French Lop rabbit made in China, but destined for a discount store in Myrtle Beach because they thought her ears were too long. 


The Western Ornate Box Turtle that lives in the back yard. 

Travel Schlepp, aka “TS”

Big Schlepp’s younger and more exuberant brother.  Often travels with Karl to exotic locations. 


The smallest rabbit, sent from Myrtle Beach. 

William of Yarmouth, aka “Wee Willie”

A British bear from the George Hotel on the Isle of Wight. 


A zebra from Washington, DC.