Travel Schlepp Visits the Sphinx

To the east of the pyramids is a huge stone lion with a pharoah's head.  Its called the Sphinx although the Egyptians call it Abu Nidal (Arabic for "the dark one").  Whenever they tried to say Sphinx it came out "sphinxie."  Debbie was amused. 

Here I am near the entrance to the Sphinx.  You can see all the people lined up to go inside.  In the background is the great pyramid. 

Now I'm inside the fence and on a ledge along side of the Sphinx.  Its long arms can be seen.  His nose was shot off my artillery centuries ago. 
This is a view of the Sphinx's butt.  He has a tail, which makes sense because, after all, he has a lion's body.  I had never given the matter of the Sphinx's tail much thought.  You can also see the buildings of Cairo in the background.  The pyramids used to be far out in the desert but now the city comes right up to them.