Travel Schlepp Visits the Louvre

 The Louvre is probably the most famous art museum in the world.  Its in a huge building that once was a palace for French kings.  Its too big to see in part of one afternoon (Karl and Debbie never have much time for fun in the places they go--there's too much important work to do.)
Debbie and I look at a few of the thousands of paintings, big and small.
Venus de Milo is a famous statue in the Louvre.
We found a restaurant for lunch were able to rest.  The Louvre is so big you get tired walking so far.  Lucky for me, Karl carries me in his camera bag. 

The strange glass pyramids were added during the 20th Century and the main entrance is through them. 

I liked Debbie's idea of getting some sun, so I stretched out, too.  You can see the fountains around the pyramids in the courtyard below me. 
The Louvre is so big you need a map to keep from getting lost.  We still got lost but my bear-sense always found the way.  Its really just like a forest in Oregon.
Under a smaller glass pyramid is a sculpture garden with lots of statues of horses and gods and heroes.
When we got out, we were very tired.  Everyone went to the pools by the fountains to rest and have a cool drink.