The Cairo Museum

Egypt is the site of one of the world's oldest and richest cultures.  Many thousands of years before Christ their kings and queens (called pharoahs) ruled a complex society that built vast stone temples, made incredible sculptures, and had a rich written language. 

Here is Debbie looking at a sarcophagus (a kind of coffin that Egyptians were buried in).  Inside would be a mummy but they were in a separate room. 

This is Debbie walking through a room with wonderful statues and tablets with heiroglyphics (the symbols ancient Egyptians wrote with).  The carved heads above Debbie to her left must be 10 feet high. 

This is a mask of gold that was on King Tutankamen's mummy.  It weights 22 kilograms. 

This beautiful alabaster statue was in the museum.  This year in December the muslims of Egypt (and all over the world) celebrated Ramadan, their holy month.  You can see that very few people are in the museum at this time.